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there is something about women Architects….most of us can’t just be fulfilled with our jobs and life. We need to make stuff! I was chatting to a friend from Uni that i recently got in touch though Facebook (the joy of technology) and she has made this lovely blog where she uploads her handmade cards. I thought it was a really nice idea. I felt quite proud to see her work. So have a look through her blog, it might inspire you to ask her for a special custom made card yourself.


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My son, at the moment, loves anything that’s round and can roll! “Paya…” he shouts for the ball (bala) in Greek (we are a bilingual home as i am Greek and my husband English and apparently our kids will have no trouble picking up both, God knows how! It’s still a mystery to us on how the human brain can be so flexible!). So he sees balloons, apples, oranges, watermelons and even my bra (it was a padded one!) and starts trying to kick it. I got really excited when i saw this website and reading through the instructions it should be fairly easy to make these! They are a really nice idea for a present to a 1year old boy for his birthday or any other occasion. Will definitely try it – now that i got my sewing machine (yay)! The pattern for all sized is availiable to be downloaded for free. Have a look through the “purlbee” website for all of the above and lots of more ideas!

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Spring is here! lovely colours everywhere. Nature is waking up and i feel crafty! ever worked with felt before? well, let me inspire you!

hair clips for the little, and non so little, girls

and unique bags for the little boys!

Haven’t got time to make them but still like handmade? You can find all products here.

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oh! this is L O V E L Y…………..! beautiful, leather bags to transfer and organize our needles ! We could truly work everywhere now! Take it to the park, to the beach, to the pub even (yes, some of us have done this several times! You’d be surprised on what a conversation starter it is!). The bags come in different sizes, colours and shapes to satisfy all tastes but above all … they are beautiful! No more plastic bags with needles poking through!

The company is called Namaste and can be found in a few shop in the UK like here but could also buy them online among other places here.

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Recently i was sat at the roof garden in Athens having a coffee with a very new friend. On the background the Acropolis, the Lycabetous Hill poking out among the sea of blocks of flats. We were chatting about everything a 30 year old woman can possibly chat about when she reminded me of Abraham Maslow and the hierarchy of human needs. I haven’t thought about that little pyramid for years. In fact, i remember writing a very enthusiastic dissertation at Uni that my professor wanted to publish (i wonder what happened to that… images of my professor drinking cocktails by the pool somewhere exotic after cashing in, flashed by for a few seconds). The pyramid, according to Maslow, places basic human needs at the bottom, then follow the safety needs, along with the psychological needs and at the pick of the pyramid is the self-esteem and self actualization. Maslow puts creativity on the top of the pyramid. I remember, as a student, spontaneously trying to place myself within that pyramid. Surely, now, a few years later i would be at a higher level? I never realized, though, that i would need to reach for each one of these stages daily and not through the time. So here i am, at 30, trying to fulfil each and every one of those steps every day, so that maybe i can get a bit of time to be creative. True, sometimes i skip a few steps (is it really necessary to have a shower on a Saturday morning when both baby and hubby are asleep when i can make fridge magnets ?) but it’s only cause it really does fulfil me!

Now, i have found a few people like me around (most of you are reading this now!). And for some reason they are all women! So what i decided to do is make this blog where i can put all those things that involve being a mum, a wife and above all being creative to inspire us, exchange new ideas and keep us going!

So here it is, come blog with me!

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