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My son, at the moment, loves anything that’s round and can roll! “Paya…” he shouts for the ball (bala) in Greek (we are a bilingual home as i am Greek and my husband English and apparently our kids will have no trouble picking up both, God knows how! It’s still a mystery to us on how the human brain can be so flexible!). So he sees balloons, apples, oranges, watermelons and even my bra (it was a padded one!) and starts trying to kick it. I got really excited when i saw this website and reading through the instructions it should be fairly easy to make these! They are a really nice idea for a present to a 1year old boy for his birthday or any other occasion. Will definitely try it – now that i got my sewing machine (yay)! The pattern for all sized is availiable to be downloaded for free. Have a look through the “purlbee” website for all of the above and lots of more ideas!


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